Uptime management for HVAC assets

“AKURU stands for uptime management through predictive maintenance and continuous checks of the HVAC asset”

Industry 4.0 has the opportunity to make HVAC assets more efficient by giving HVAC owners or integrators additional data around the performance of their assets. This data enables insights or data-driven actions that have a positive impact, both financially and environmentally.

Uptime management of HVAC assets has captured great attention because of the undervaluation of how real-time HVAC data impacts the operational efficiency. Energy efficiency represents only one such example of operational efficiency, but there are many more.

Let Smartlog connect your HVAC equipment to the cloud

Smartlog brings together chillers, air handling units, pumps and air conditioning systems on a brand independent connectivity platform AKURU. At Smartlog, we mainly focus on HVAC prognostics by combining data derived from HVAC assets and additional sensors in order to bring the HVAC asset to a higher level. This is called sensor fusion and can be applied to existing and new HVAC assets. 

How does it work?

The datafeed is powered by Smartlog certified sensors or other sensors after verification by Smartlog
Smartlog adds the gateway identification to the cloud and subscribes the configuration on the gateway
Highly secure and encrypted sensor & asset communication
After the gateway is accepted, the sensor values are published in the cloud and ready for analysis

Chiller systems represent the heart of many modern HVAC systems. IoT enables the collection of real-time data from a chiller or other HVAC equipment for continuous analysis of the equipment’s operation. Predictive maintenance leverages the collection of operational data to determine when maintenance actions should be taken. Preventing catastrophic failures that produce ‘downtime’ will save on repair costs, but even more important, on your production capacities.

Increase HVAC uptime

Connect a wide-range of HVAC assets for remote monitoring in order to increase the availability of your assets.

Proactive technicians

Technicians can understand the root cause of the issue before they get on-site, saving time and money.

New HVAC service models

HVAC equipment connectivity delivers real-time performance data, resulting in new business models for your service team.

Ready to connect your HVAC assets?


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