Ensure maximum equipment efficiency

Your move to better service

Downtime comes at the expense of production capacity and its cost may never be underestimated. Connecting industrial assets through the Internet of Things is essential in order to minimize downtime, reduce costs and provide better service offerings for your customer. Remote monitoring your industrial asset enables a proactive maintenance approach.

How does it work?

The datafeed is powered by Smartlog certified sensors or other sensors after verification by Smartlog

Smartlog adds the gateway identification to the cloud and subscribes the configuration on the gateway

Highly secure and encrypted sensor & asset communication

After the gateway is accepted, the sensor values are published in the cloud and ready for analysis

Why IoT enabled predictive maintenance?

There is a need for Connecting the Unconnected, a need for remotely monitoring the performance of assets. Remote equipment monitoring provides value in the short term and helps develop a strong analytics foundation for a broader IoT strategy.

We understand that Industry 4.0 is essential to ensure maximum equipment efficiency and to reduce costs in your production area. With proven IoT technology, Smartlog quickly implements asset connectivity to enable predictive maintenance.

Give your assets a stronger and louder voice

A proven way to jump-start your IoT initiative is by remotely monitoring assets to get real-time information and to quickly identify failures. In order to fix a machine that is unexpectedly down or anomalous, service technicians need to be fluent in the machine’s language. For industrial equipment, that means real-time, accurate and accessible data. Remote monitoring gives your machines a louder and stronger voice. Let them tell you what’s gone wrong or what’s about to go wrong. 

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