Connect to industrial assets with AKURU,

a preconfigured platform that enables the digital transformation of unconnected assets.

Capture new revenue streams with a predeveloped, open and secure IoT platform

A cloud-based platform with self-service analytics for the business user

Smartlog provides end-to-end IIoT know-how: from connecting your assets to delivering valuable data insights. Business users can select predefined condition monitoring visualisation tools using a smart rules wizard in order to receive alert notifications.

Data Management

Stream, collect and integrate unrestricted data with our open API integration capabilities. Our data management structures support both private and public networks. All devices from private network owners can be managed through our set of API's.

Device Management

Users can integrate an unlimited number of devices. Benefit from dynamic device management by seamlessly managing remote devices over the air.

Connectivity Management

Reliable monitoring and alerting facilities: manage the risk by setting custom alerts with “if this, then that” instructions & quickly execute event-driven actions based on device data.

Preconfigured web interface

Customizable dashboards enabled by a built-in graphical and visualization tool set that can be used to provide valuable insights of important device information.


Benefit from advanced data encryption technology, unique pasword protection, secure networking and the configuration of different rights, roles and accounts for different types of user.

Application configuration

Flexible alarm and user management configuration: receive alert notifications by e-mail, SMS or pop-up. and create different user groups for different types of alert notification.

Asset transparency to increase uptime and efficiency

Intuitive web-based interface to gain immediate insights on individual assets
Predeveloped off-the-shelf data visualisation modules
Connect and access your devices and control them remotely
Highly secure and encrypted asset communication
‘Pay-as-you-grow’ model
Subscription based pricing model
Plug&Play sensor management
Open standards for connectivity

Tapping into existing control systems using API's

We believe that good data is the key to making the right operational or maintenance decisions. Therefore, data must be made available in such a way as to be quickly assimilated by the user. AKURU allows you to quickly and easily integrate data from any number of devices with your cloud applications. Apply functionalities for remote device management and message management in your applications through application programming interfaces (API’s).

Combining multiple streams of IoT data enables you to populate your dashboards with real-time information and transfer actionable-intelligence to your web-based apps. AKURU also allows you to send device data to your back-end databases and analytics systems so that you can gain insights about your operations. Stream your cloud data to your custom dashboards, quickly and easily using our MQTT, HTTP API’s or OPC UA.

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