connect your critical assets with industry 4.0

manage your asset uptime

How to run a critical asset at optimum efficiency every operating hour?

Smartlog brings you a brand independent connectivity platform to manage the uptime of your industrial assets, anywhere, anytime. We connect your industrial asset to the cloud to enable uptime management and do this by using certified and approved IoT technology.

Our remote monitoring & data analytics platform AKURU lets you leverage the sensor data that you need to manage the performance of your assets, to extend their life time and maximize uptime. zz

Uptime management for industrial assets

Unlock deeper data analytics, become aware of how your asset is affecting the operation and increase your customer value through scalable servicing models.

Uptime management for HVAC assets

Have HVAC machinery seamlessly send performance data to your service professionals. By going into the field with data-based readiness, HVAC efficiency will be maximized.

Asset management in GMP environments

Equip your pharma environment with a GMP compliant quality logging system. Condition based monitoring of laboratory assets results in maximized uptime of your facility.

Smartlog enables you to quickly implement and monetize Industrial Internet of Things

Run your equipment optimally at every operating hour

50+ pre-integrated devices for asset connectivity

Compliant with multiple fieldbus protocols

LPWAN certified for low power, long range solutions

Pre-developed off-the-shelf tools to analyse data

Remote monitoring of your assets delivers significant bottom-line business benefits. It is simply the only way to get in-depth and real-time performance data. IoT-based remote monitoring is the proven first step to providing predictive maintenance and improving machine uptime. 

And yes, your first IoT project can be as simple as remotely monitoring your equipment to understand how your assets are performing. As IoT experts, let us connect your asset so you can start monitoring the machine status, collect historical data and reduce costs in your production area.

Asset Uptime Application

Key features

Multi asset connectivity

Connect a wide-range of assets to the cloud and get access to its real-time performance data.

White-label IoT environment

As a Smartlog Integrator, you profit from a rebrandable IoT platform with full user management.

LPWAN certified

Apply unique, well-proven and certified LPWAN solutions to monitor your equipment remotely.

Alert notifications

Use the integrated smart rules wizard in order to receive personalized alert notifications.

Brand independent connectivity

AKURU is a brand independent, open IoT platform for uptime management.

API platform integration

Stream your cloud data securely to your application by using MQTT.

Ready to run your assets at optimum efficiency ?


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