System Integrators

De Ceuster & Co is a supplier in the construction market with tower cranes as main specialization. Their extensive range of construction materials equipped with the latest technology makes them one of the most progressive suppliers on the rental & buy market in the field of construction.

EWK Cooling Towers designs and manufactures cooling towers, evaporative condensors and adiabatic equipment with focus on optimal energy efficiency of the assets. Their industrial cooling towers are characterized by its ease of maintenance, high reliability and guaranteed uptime. 

ABN claims to be the fastest partner for cooling and heating solutions. Thanks to connected climate control, ABN is able to deliver their customers SPEED and optimize asset performance. As a result of this connectivity, they strongly reduce their customer’s maintenance costs and increase the reliability of their assets.

The purpose of InsightAir is to improve air quality. They do this by gaining insights through the installation of sensor networks in order to permanently monitor and analyze the air quality. These air quality sensor networks are used in industrial, medical and commercial set-ups and help you fight against the Sick Building Syndrome.

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